In the past few years, tech stocks have seen various fluctuations indicating market volatility. The financial year 2019 - 2020 is considered quite challenging for tech-based companies. Despite the strong performance of tech-based companies like Nvidia, Capgemini Technology Services India Limited, Carbo Ceramics etc., are suffering a setback in their stock prices. Different factors, such as inflation, change in the supply chain, geospatial factors, restrained economy etc., could be considered as the reason behind the fluctuation in tech stock prices. 

Over the past decade investing in pre-IPO shares has developed as a trend among a large population. Whilst only professional investors or financial experts try their hand in the stock market, recent scenarios have showcased how common people are interested in generating extra income by investing in unlisted shares. 

Generally, investors select a particular industry in the share market that is trustworthy and promotes better and easier returns. From pharma to finance and tech, every sector has defined a particular position in the market, but it is impossible to ignore that tech stocks have suffered a sudden downfall in the past few months. Compared to other pre-IPO stocks, it is noticed that tech stocks face increased fluctuation, which affects the unlisted share price and monetary benefits related to it. Moreover, companies like Stockify are prominent names in the stock market. They indulge in generating thorough information about a particular tech stock and keep an eye on market fluctuation, thus reducing any risk factor related to buy unlisted shares in India. 

Experts in the industry follow a thorough analysis and understand the reason behind fluctuations in the stock market, thus minimising any monetary loss that could affect the investor while buying tech stocks from the broker. Factors that subtly affect tech stock prices in the modern market are: 

Change In Demand And Supply 

In recent times tech stocks have noticed a certain fluctuation in the demand and supply of unlisted shares; thus, stock prices are widely affected. Financial experts have suggested that equilibrium is the perfect state to maintain the unlisted share price. Moving forward, if there are more buyers than sellers or vice versa, it can further lead to tech stock fluctuation.  

Uncontrolled Market Indicators 

Tech stocks are highly viable because most global changes directly impact the revenue, buying and selling of pre-IPO stocks of tech-based companies. Market indicators are usually defined by global impacts like war, market instability, inflationary concerns, pandemic, natural calamities etc. Such conditions affect the buying capacity of customers, which directly or indirectly affects the investors, stock prices, interest rates etc.  Tata Technologies Ltd Unlisted Shares is one of the prominent names that is facing constant fall in its stock price. 

Other factors that have affected the tech stocks in the share market are: 

  • Having conflicts and wars on a global level
  • Change in fiscal or monetary policies 
  • Technological advancements 
  • Natural disasters or extreme conditions
  • Changes in the legal system, etc.

Professionals from the financial industry keep a keen look at these factors and ensure that investors get the best deal while purchasing tech stocks from Stockify.